Physical Volcanology

3 Credits

Contact: Chloé MICHAUT

The objectives of the class are to acquire the basic principles of physical volcanology and to study the fundamental mechanisms at the origin of volcanism and magmatism. We will study the physical properties and dynamics of magmas, their migration in the mantle crust, the different types of intrusive processes and of volcanic eruptions. We will focus on volcanoes in terms of the risks they represent, and in this context, on volcano monitoring protocols. A volcanological observatory will be presented to you. On the other hand, we will study volcanoes and volcanic processes in the solar system as volcanic structures are key to constrain the thermal evolution of planets.

Analysis of an explosive eruption. ©Marcelo Utreras (volcan Calbuco), modified by C. Michaut

Pre-requisites: a minimum knowledge in continuum mechanics (linear elasticity and fluid mechanics) is necessary.