Field work in Paleontology

3 Credits

Contact: Guillaume SUAN and Jeremy Martin

The objective of this course is to raise awareness of paleontological data acquisition (plants, invertebrates, vertebrates) in the field, by combining skills in paleontology and sedimentology. The training will allow students to place paleontological discoveries in their paleoenvironmental and taphonomic framework (fossilization processes) and to develop a critical look at the possible interpretations (paleoecology, diversity, biostratigraphy). The techniques of extraction, survey and inventory will be part of the training. The aim is to follow the path of the fossil specimens from the field to the laboratory, a prerequisite that will allow the evaluation of the best way to extract relevant data from fossils beyond the field.

Examples of fieldwork in paleontology: left, fossiliferous marlstone beds from the Lower Cretaceous of the Alpes de Haute Provence; right, marlstone beds from the Lower Jurassic of the Rhône