Applied Sedimentology

3 Credits

Contact: Claude COLOMBIÉ

The main objective of this course (shared with the University of Burgundy - Dijon) is to show how sedimentology can answer major and topical societal issues, in particular in relation to natural resource management, global warming or land use planning.

This course will introduce or recall, depending on the case, the knowledge useful for understanding these issues. It will then present the approaches/techniques/methods implemented to address these issues. Finally, it will show how the results obtained and their interpretation respond to the problems addressed. For example, it will introduce the basics of petroleum geology (such as hydrocarbon (hc) genesis, hc storage and exploration-prospecting methods in the field of energy resources) and show how the application of the concepts of sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy can respond to problems in the industrial sector, particularly in the sector of energy and resources. It will also show how the use of numerical and physical models developed from sedimentary data can address various issues such as petroleum or mining exploration and land use planning.

This course will be assessed on the basis of a personal project of 3 or 4 pages on a problem of the student's choice, which will constitute a continuous assessment, and 2 or 3 exercises relating to the various interventions of the year, which will form the final assessment.