Advanced Field Geology

3 Credits

Contact: Philippe-Hervé LELOUP

How to conceive a field mission? How to organize data collection? Data interpretation?

On a practical example of scientific problem (the exceptional height the Mont-Blanc massif in link with its geological evolution) students will have to define a data collection strategy and apply it during a three days fieldtrip. They will then learn how to select and prepare samples for analysis and investigate one example of data analysis. Left: Field trip in the Mont-Blanc massif. Right: Cenozoic Presure - Temperature - time path of the Mont-Blanc.

Left: field work in the Mont Blanc massif. RIght: pressure-temperature path of the massif during Cenozoic.

Schedule:  3 days field trip (mapping – sampling) + 2 days of sample selection, preparation, and data analysis.

Grading: field evaluation + report