Sequence Stratigraphy

3 Credits

Contact: Claude COLOMBIÉ

This course has 2 main objectives:

    • to determine the spatial and temporal distribution of sediments in sedimentary basins, from dynamic correlations between serial sections and log records based on sequence interpretation;
    • to analyze the geometries of sedimentary bodies and the discontinuities that separate them.
Sequence stratigraphy is used to understand the spatio-temporal organisation of sedimentary deposits and to determine the factors that control the dynamics of siliciclastic and carbonate systems, and more generally that of our planet.

Elle comprend 4 parties distinctes :

      1. presentation of the basic concepts of sequence stratigraphy and the sedimentary processes that underlie them;
      2. discussion of the different schools of thought that have evolved these concepts;
      3. application of these concepts to the reading, interpretation and correlation of seismic profiles, log records, outcrops, and sedimentological sections; 
      4. estimation of the relative contribution of major factors controlling sedimentary organisation, such as eustatism, subsidence, sedimentary input in terrigenous detrital systems or sedimentary output in carbonate systems.

The assessment of this course consists of a continuous and a final assessments, each of which contributes half of the final grade.